Thursday, July 14, 2011

Launches and Flip Flops

Hello's been awhile since I have posted.  I've been busily trying to get my Etsy store ready to launch and I can happily say that it has been accomplished.

Officially on July 11th, I posted eight products on my store.  It was a little bit of a let down since after I hit the list button fireworks didn't explode and people weren't immediately clamoring to buy my things, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
In honor of this momentous occasion, I want to discuss footwear. say?  Let me explain. One of my magnet sets features those summertime essentials, flip flops.  I find it funny actually because I don't wear flip flops.  I don't like to have things between my toes.  I also have realized that there is a learning curve when it comes to wearing these things.  I bought three darling sets for my three year old and she can't keep the dang things on her feet.  She's constantly tripping over them and losing one in the process.  The up side to these shoes is that they are cheap.  I can buy them for all my girls for less than one pair of shoes at Payless.

Now, I don't like flip flops but I am a definite lover of the distant cousin of flip flops, Birkenstocks.  I had never even seen a pair until I met my husband and his mother and sisters and my brother in law all lived in theirs.  When I had my first baby I gained two foot sizes and width and the only thing that was remotely comfortable was my mother in law's "birks".  When I found out they came in many different shapes, sizes, and patterns I was hooked.  They are an investment, but they last forever if you take care of them.

Of course, I had a favorite pair that I finally had to get rid of because my friends threatened to break into my house and steal them during the night while I was asleep because they were so tattered and awful looking.  My husband has also drawn the line at socks and birks during the winter months.  So, I limit myself to wearing these favs during the spring and summer months.

What is your favorite air conditioned footwear?  Are you a flip flop fanatic?  Are you graceful enough to handle the strap between your toes and walk at the same time?  I'm interested to know.  Also, be sure and stop by my store and take a look.  Thanks in advance for taking the time for reading and browsing.



  1. Fun:) You know me already, I'm a crazy for flip flops...and every other kind of shoe known to man. Except hiking boots. That's my line:)

  2. I heart flip flops... except that I'm getting (ahem) "older", and I need more support. This year, instead of wearing cute sandals I'm wearing a supportive shoe w/ orthodics. It is a very sad summer indeed.