Monday, June 6, 2011

A Strange Confession

So, I have a strange confession to make. I love to mow the lawn.  Maybe it's not so strange, but to those of you who are thinking I'm crazy, I will explain.

I grew up in West Texas where it is HOT and unless you have the money to pay for a sprinkling system, your lawn consists of lots of dirt, some weeds, some wildflowers and a little grass.  So mowing isn't really something I did growing up.  You can mow the weeds and it looks okay, but there's no walking around barefoot because the stickers will get you and they hurt!

When my husband and I were dating he sent me a postcard from Palm Springs with lovely green golf courses on the front. I remember telling him that if we were married I would mow the lawn. Of course, a lovely green lawn that I could walk across with my lovely painted toenails.  He thought it was a funny comment, but ultimately he has held me to it.  It may not be the prettiest lawn but it's mine and most of the time, I don't mind.

I don't know what it is about mowing that gives me such satisfaction...

Is it giving the grass a haircut and having it look okay even though I'm a novice?
Is it the fact that I can make something look so organized and put together with just a little effort?
Is it the fact that I can't hear anything that my children are yelling at me while I happily roll along?

As I have thought about it...okay so I dwell on weird things...I have decided that it's because I pretend that the grass is my problems or concerns and I have power over them by mowing them down.  It's all symbolic I guess. I also find that I can think and ideas flow while I'm making patterns around the front yard.  I find this is true with most yard work.

I have always been intrigued with the way people mow their lawns.  I usually go in a circle and sometimes back and forth.  It has to do with the shape of the yard more than anything else.  I have seen those lawns where someone has mowed it in a diagonal pattern. I wonder if I am missing something.  Am I not giving my grass every advantage by now mowing it in this way?  Who knows...

There are a few things that detract from my lawn gnomeness.  I usually am working with a lawnmower that has to be prepped, coddled, and eventually prayed over just to get it to start.  Another thing is my physical shape.  I'm not talking about my shape per say- which is a lovely apple with two toothpicks sticking out shape- but rather my lack of stamina.  I used to be able to mow both the front and back yard and weed whack all in one day.  I even mowed while I was very pregnant, which got me some strange looks and some eyebrows raised at my hubby.  Now, I have to pace myself. I am hoping to remedy this situation as time goes by.

So tell me, how do you mow your lawn?  Do you have strapping young men who mow at your request?  Do you have a hubby who suffers with his burden of cutting the grass or do you get out there and do it yourself?    Do tell!
Just in case you were wondering, I also love to rototill and am extremely deadly with a weed whacker so if you see me out in my yard, WATCH OUT!!  :) 



  1. I admit I have no understanding here...i wouldn't touch the the tiller unless it would save a life:) I can mow, but my first choice is to NOT. But y'all go right ahead:)

  2. Oh my heck, how I love to mow the lawn! I totally get it, and the diagonal way is favorite for me. I always liked to say that mowing the lawn was the one thing I did that the kids couldn’t mess up and I mowed pregnant and with a littlie in my backpack a few times. The whacker comes out in times of real anger (chain saw is better though). I agree that it used to be easier, whats up with that? We must need more caffeine. Rock on, and ‘vacuum’ your lawn with pride!

  3. I've been out in the yard a lot lately since Sam is deployed. I love how I can just think about things in the back of my mind and actually relax (ok, so the rock I have been hauling lately isn't relaxing). I take great satisfaction in mowing the lawn, although I do let my boys do it (since we need to teach them a work ethic. ;)), but the weed wacker is ALL mine! Ha ha!

  4. "Is it the fact that I can't hear anything that my children are yelling at me while I happily roll along?" ... that just may be my reason right there! :)