Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memories of You

So I know this post is after Memorial Day but it has been on my mind as I'm sure it has been for the rest of the country.  My husband and I were discussing who and why we celebrate Memorial Day.  I know that my posts so far have been humorous  and so I hope you will forgive the seriousness of this one. 

I know it is for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for the freedoms that I take for granted every day.  For those people I am so grateful.  I had many relatives, including two grandfathers, who served willingly and ably during the wars that have come and gone.  This is something that can never be repaid.  Hopefully by teaching my children of the importance of remembering these unselfish men and women I am giving something back.

Of course we also celebrate and give thanks for those who are currently serving and I also like to think about and be grateful for those families who have given up their husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. who are somewhere halfway across the world endeavoring to protect those they love so dearly.  What a sacrifice this must be.  I think of a sweet friend in Idaho who is currently raising her four boys by herself because her husband is deployed.  I also think of several women in my ward who are keeping things together at home while their husbands are away.  I am amazed at their strength.

I know we also remember those who have passed on and gone before us.  Recently, I lost a dear neighbor who has been very kind to our family over the eight years we have lived here.  She taught me wonderful things and was always aware of birthdays and ready to give hugs and loves to the girls.  She taught me how to make canned apple pie filling.  Both her and her husband loved to garden and work in the yard and many times would pass their knowledge on to me.  I still find myself looking to see if she is out puttering in her yard.  I know she has been very lonely and sad ever since her companion passed away and so I hope this Memorial Day she is happy and celebrating with her sweetheart.  I miss her.

Lastly, I think of my parents, in-laws, and grandparents of which I am still lucky to have three of them alive.  These people who have lived their lives the best they know how and  who helped to make me the person that I am.  I hope I can continue to pass on those lessons and wisdom that they shared with my children and grandchildren.

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Thank you all for the memories of you that I treasure.


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  1. nice:) You'll have to tell me what happens with the house next door.