Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hubby's Day Off

If you were to ask me about my favorite day of the week I would tell you that it changes depending on the week.  I suppose this is very noncommittal and doesn't answer the question at all but actually it makes sense. 

My husband has a rotating day off.  Depending on the week it could be Monday, Tuesday, etc.  When he first started this job 17 (wow..time flies) years ago it was a little weird.  Nothing happens during the week that would make you excited about having a Wednesday off.  Everyone knows that exciting things happen on the weekend.  BUT...as the years have gone by I have discovered that I actually prefer it.  Let me tell you a couple of reasons why:

1.  The stores are not as crowded. It's nice to go to Wal-Mart on a day when everyone else on the planet is not trying to buy milk.
2.  My children are usually in school thus we only have one at home and let's face it folks..that's a date! 
3.  My husband is also able to attend school events which allows him to be involved.
4.  It breaks up the week.  I no longer have to wait five long days until I can hope to accomplish things.  
5.  Businesses are open on weekdays.  There are many items of importance that can't be taken care of on a Saturday.

Just to be fair to my husband there is one serious drawback.

He never really gets any rest!  

We run around like crazy on his day off because his day off is my day off don't you know (it's in the marriage contract..go check yours if you are misinformed).  I wonder how many times I can say day off in a sentence?  

The biggest reason I like his mini-vacation from work (that's better) is because I feel like I have adult backup for all the things that are happening, usually with the children.  I'm not alone.  I can always tag my husband when I'm down and out in the ring of insanity that is our life.   This and this alone is probably the biggest reason I love my hubby's day off. 

So, husband dear, I'm looking forward to next week.  :)

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